Services & Tools

Thank you for your interest in our services. Gallagher Financial Services is pleased to be able to offer you a comprehensive range of tax services from a team of highly qualified financial professionals. As your financial partner, our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing you with understandable, sound and ethical advice and solutions in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are committed to addressing your specific tax and financial needs in a straightforward and understandable manner. 
Income Tax Return Preparation
- Personal Federal Income Tax Returns
- State, county, and city tax returns (Oregon and other states)
- Business Returns including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability corps
- Estate Returns
- Fiduciary Returns
- We excel in helping taxpayers become current with tax filing requirements

Payroll & Bookkeeping
If you need assistance with your bookkeeping, no matter how great or how small, maintaining your personal or business books, don't hesitate to call.  Our services are tailored to your needs and budget. 
We have two professionals, Susan Gallagher-Smith and Jessie Whitney, who are authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and Oregon Department of Revenue as well as other tax authorities.  If you have an issue with a tax authority that you need assistance with, we are happy to meet with you and discuss your case.
Tax Consulting & Planning
As your financial partners, we are committed to giving you all the facts so you can make fully informed decisions.  We want you to feel supported, empowered and in control of your financial life.  Your questions are welcomed and explored in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

Our fees are based on both the time spent preparing your return and complexity of the tax issues involved. Tax preparation begins at $200 to prepare both Federal and Oregon personal income tax returns and increases as the complexity of the return or the time involved increases. Our typical filing includes the federal return, one state, itemized deductions and multiple sources of income from wages and perhaps a rental, etc. Our typical tax preparation fee often falls between $400 and $650.

We are happy to offer you an estimate for tax preparation or additional information once we know more about your particular tax situation.